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The last

day at

the beach

Remember that feeling you have after a long summer vacation, and you, your family, and friends are enjoying the last day at the beach? This series of photographs is about that feeling. Is about the melancholy of walking feeling the sand on your feet, the cold breeze in your hair, the smell of the ocean, and the moisture in the air.

You take a long walk with your friend and remember the stories of the past days, you rest on the chair while seeing your kids playing with endless energy, you go for that long run before coming back home and the routine, you sit in the sand with your beloved one and watch the waves coming and going.


It's always a great feeling after all.

The last day at the beach was shot in Tybee Island in Savannah, GA on a winter day of 2021. We spent 3 days in the city and there was always that mist in the air, the beach was even more beautiful covered with an infinite fog. I imagine how busy this place can be in the summer, but I like this memory better.

Text and Images by Vitor Sá

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