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Copa na



This beach is blessed by the image of a saint, the Virgin of Copacabana, who came from Bolivia in the seventeenth century. The saint gave not only her name but her blessing on a place that eventually became synonymous with joy, diversity and natural beauty. Every day, tourists and locals alike come together to enjoy themselves; lie in the sun, relax, socialize and have a good time. In short, Copacabana is the “Copa (Cup)” of Rio de Janeiro.


The notion of the beach, however, has another side. Pleasure unfortunately often goes together with excess; too much sun, too much food, and too much fun. Excessive consumption combined with a sedentary lifestyle has brought on health problems in Brazil - particularly obesity. 


Despite our country's reputed love for movement in dance and football, we are slowing down. In fact, one-third of our population does not dispense fatty meat and about 53% consume whole milk regularly; it was expected that more than half of the nation is overweight.


 ‘Copa na Copa’ takes a look at Copacabana during the World Cup 2014 on a different light. Rather than seeing the “Little Princess of the Sea” as a tourist mecca, my photographs present one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city and its population - around 30% of the residents are elderly - showing the beach in an ironic and amusing way, portrays an authentic beauty and reflects the way we Brazilians are living our lives.

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