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Vitor Sá - - NEST-6778.JPG


West Friendship, Maryland, June 2012. A field of towering antennae transforms into an unexpected ballet stage for a cast of feathered performers. My eyes had long been drawn to this man-made landscape, sensing a story waiting to unfold. But it wasn't until the perfect confluence of light and feathered frenzy that "Nest" truly took flight.

For an hour, I became a silent observer in this avian theatre. Thousands of birds pirouetted on wires, their movements a harmonious counterpoint to the stark geometric backdrop. The contrast between nature's grace and the industrial grid became a captivating dance, captured in "Nest" as a series of intimate and impactful photographs.

This award-winning collection at the Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial transcends mere documentation. It invites us to linger within the delicate balance of the natural world, where even the most unexpected spaces can cradle unexpected beauty. Through "Nest," we witness the transformative power of perspective, reminding us that magic can bloom even in the most overlooked corners.

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