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O dia se zangou: When Rio Loses Its Sun

Rio de Janeiro, city of sunshine and samba, transformed by a moody sky. In "O dia se zangou" ("The Day Became Angry"), Vitor Sá captures the melancholic magic of Rio during rain-soaked days, when Cariocas and tourists alike yearn for the lost beach.

These minimalist landscapes, taken after storms or on foggy mornings, deceptively appear simple. Large horizontal washes of color dominate, devoid of familiar icons like clouds, sun, or birds. Straight angles and front-on perspectives echo the rigor of traditional German photography, but their content whispers a subtler story.

Vertical elements – stakes, volleyball poles, goalposts – pierce the emptiness, hinting at a Japanese influence. Their precise geometry offers a peaceful counterpoint to the urban sprawl, demanding a closer look, a quiet contemplation not typically found in German styles.

Washed-out hues, a touch of vintage, a nod to Flickr aesthetics – these choices are no mere stylistic whims. They echo the democratic spirit of Rio, celebrating the everyday and ordinary. Sá doesn't quote, he alludes. He doesn't lecture, he invites conversation. A friendly stroll through a rain-slicked city square, one that's thought-provoking and strangely beautiful.

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