Gatonet #5

Gatonet #5


"Gatonet” is a slang for illegal connections of cable television, electricity, telephone and internet. This connection type is typical in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. In recent years, the government has fought to end them, but locals insist on making their own connections. It’s curious because many times those who live in the slums do not have health, safety or education but they have free internet and cable. Gatonet is Rio itself, as it shows how “Cariocas” (those who were born in Rio) create simple solutions to solve problems. It’s surreal to see how thousands of wires in the same post work perfectly. 

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Vitor Sá is a Brazilian photographer & art director. Co-creator of #suaflora. Google Official Partner and Creator. His content has a deep consciousness of color, light and a strong sense of composition. He pursues the simple things in life and makes us aware of them. His works include landscapes, cityscapes, portrait, lifestyle, travel, street photography, still life, and photojournalism.

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