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Old Mitchell Trail



Mount Mitchell was always on the top of my list of places to go, this one-hour drive from Downtown Asheville in the curves of the Blue Ridge Parkway is known for being the highest peak in the East.

Arriving at the State Park we asked a ranger for a map and decided on the 6 miles loop that starts with a downhill on the Old Mitchell Trail, which is very strenuous and requires a lot of your knees. The trail has been well maintained with steps and marks easy to identify. The shades of the ancient trees are also a good thing.

At some point, we went east on the Commissary trail, which is very easy and has great views of the mountains, there's also a beautiful river and a waterfall that you can refresh your head.

From here, there was no other option but to go back up. It took us about one hour to go back to the summit. The trail is very hard and I would not recommend it for those with no experience.

But if you want to experience the fresh air and the smell of wood and moss while making your heart beat fast I would definitely recommend the hike.

Mount Mitchell Park.jpg
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