How to be a better photographer

<h1>Many people ask me to review their work and give an advice to become a better photographer. The same thing I always tell is: be consistent, believe in your work, and do it for you. </h1>

Let's start from the last one: if you are starting taking pictures to post online and want to become famous, be sponsored by big companies and travel the world showing the most amazing places. Sorry but this is not gonna happen. At least not after you create a good amount of content and the most important thing: a community around you.

But what's that community? Well, think a community as your group of friends, family, co-workers. Let's say you know 100 people that you consider close to you. This 100 people know another 100 people, and maybe 10 of each people will like your content. In the end you might have 100 + 1000 people that like your work.

Unfortunately that's not how it works on Instagram this days (I talk a lot about Instagram because it has been my main social media for almost 10 years). The Instagram algotithm does not show pictures in chronological way anymore. It shows what the code think its more important for you in the moment. It usually shows the content of the things you like the most and who you interact with first.

And now we come to second most important thing in this topic which is engagement. It doesnt matter if you have thousands of followers if you dont engage with your audience. Instagram is a passive media. People usually open just for a few minutes, watch a few stories, swipe the feed for a couple minutes and done. So it's really important to engage with your audience. Which means that if someone come and comment on your photo, like the comment and reply on the first hour, if possible in minutes. Ask people questions on a way to make them comment back, use your post like a forum to start a short discussion. Instagram code see this as an interaction and your post will have more chance to show on the feed of your followers.

Nothing of this matter if you don't like what you do. Your Instagram profile has to be a reflect of you. I consider myself a lonely person. And you will see that on my feed all the time represented by empty places and cities. I am also passionate about nature, I love being outside and I post a lot of landscapes. I have a sarcastic humor and you will see this on my street photography. So if you like apples, take pictures of apples, if you love your family, take pictures of your family, if you love traveling take pictures of the places you visit. Even if you like the most weird things, I bet there's someone online that share the same passion as you and they will be come part of your community. The message is: if you love what you do, don't care so much about codes, likes, fame and algorithm. Do it for you, and other people will like it too.


Vitor Sá is a Brazilian photographer & art director. Co-creator of #suaflora. Google Official Partner and Creator. His content has a deep consciousness of color, light and a strong sense of composition. He pursues the simple things in life and makes us aware of them. His works include landscapes, cityscapes, portrait, lifestyle, travel, street photography, still life, and photojournalism.

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